When it comes down to styling your wedding, there are so many aspects to think of and at first thought it will most likely overwhelm you. Before you know it you are collecting hundreds of photos from Pinterest and Instagram and have a mishmash of ideas that are not always compatible. At the other end of the spectrum, maybe table styling isn't at the top of your list and you’re hoping that the stripped back look will just have to do…

Here at The Wedding Shed our job is to make weddings in Byron Bay as beautiful, stylish, sophisticated, on-trend and unique as possible. One of the simplest and most effective ways we do this? Creating a bespoke styled tablescape for your reception.

Our team of expert stylists, a region of awe-inspiring venues and one massive shed full of incredible wedding furniture and furnishings - each contribute in manifesting a totally flawless set-up.

We’ve narrowed down 18 of our most favourite tablescapes from our real weddings and styled shoots to simply inspire you. As well, we want to share with you a few simple tips and tricks of the trade to add that WOW factor…. easily.

Textures, textures and textures…

To create  a visually interesting table setting it’s important to be conscious of incorporating different textures. For your main textures and colours, consider softer elements of natural linens such as a table cloth, runner, napkin or silk ribbons. Go for more of a statement texture at the base layer with your charger plate; think raffia , timber or rattan to tie in with the theme. We love playing with a variety of widths, colours and finishes.

Your personal touches are important

When styling a wedding it is all about telling a story, and this comes through by adding those personal touches with the little details. Table decor is the  perfect place to infuse a little bit of your own personal style and design that is truly you and can be a talking point with your guests. This flair may shine through in your colours, blooms, cutlery, simplicity or your guest favours.

Working with your florals

Florals also add colour to enhance the theme and complement the setting. These can vary from an abundance of wild and loose blooms trailing over the table or hanging above the table as an installation with themed lighting. You can work with different sizes of arrangements set within the table to create a statement too. The important note is to keep the details consistent and pay attention to composition.

Play with heights

In terms of playing with height, this can be achieved through candle choices, opting for a selection of three different sizes to really create that effect, and grouping them together in clusters. These can create an abundance of glowing light and ambience to add to the atmosphere.

Consistency is key… it’s true

Your tablescape should be consistent with the rest of your wedding styling. Already knuckled down a few things like your ceremony set-up, stationery or perhaps fallen in love with a few furniture items? Then great, you’re almost there! Your tablescape is merely drawing on the details of these things and bringing them together. Consider the composition of your styling here too - is it busy and colourful? Neutral shades with a mix of metallic finishes? Pinpoint your styling formula and rest is a piece of cake.

Don’t hold back when it comes to layering it up

Adding layers is our foolproof go-to for complementing your styling vision with depth. Layers, in hand with textures will create fullness and simply complete the look. If you don’t know where to start, strip it back to the type of table you are going with - consider it’s colour and texture. From there, start looking at your charger plates, dinner plates, linen napkins, cutlery, glassware, centrepieces, florals, menu design and personal touches.

Your colour palette

If you’re yet to establish the styling of the other areas for your wedding, you may be at a loss for not knowing where to start with your colour palette. Begin by simply identifying what colours you like - light, dark, vibrant or neutral? Play it safe by picking one colour you have always loved or perhaps trending at the moment and then match it with tones to complement. Don’t forget to take into consideration your environment - draw on the colours of your venue and seasons. If it’s indoors, are you working with a white canvas or a bold backdrop? If it’s outdoors - are you surrounded by lush greenery or colourful gardens? Work this into your decision making and remember you can always speak with your florist for more inspiration!

Details can be simple

Agate crystal place names, personalised favours,  an olive sprig, feathers or a single bloom, handmade paper stationery …. a sprinkle of sparkle … the choices are endless.